I have to curb my holiday to 6 weeks I have debts and just can’t afford 3 months. It was a bit ambitious, lol, I do get a bit carried away. Considering I live below the poverty line….Then of course there is my medication, I take lots for diabetes and bipolar so having to take 3 months supply is a bit much. Times are hard for everyone except the upper 1% (Bastards). The world from my facebook view is not really a happy place. America is a mess. UK is Tory which is just as bad. My pension has been devalued and I don’t really have enough to live on. My Moroccan trip requires a certain deprivation. 

So I think it’s for the best.

So no sweat 6 weeks will do.

I’m not sure if he is thick or just lacking in a modicum of empathy. I lent him money earlier this week expecting repayment – he knew, because I told him, that I was penniless. He was supposed to pay me back on Thursday – I was relying on it to buy some food and tobacco. Instead of paying me back the full amount he bought beer and food for himself. I was left short. Empathy is being able to put yourself in another’s shoes.

Alcoholics - don't you just hate 'em?


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