pjfb are my initials : Philip James Finlay Bryan. I am a dot org because I generally don’t do stuff for profit. I am not very good at making money so, at my age, have largely given up. I lead a fairly simple life in a rural town in the Bog of Allen in the middle of Ireland. A Men’s Shed  which I am tech support for and run computer training sessions, has opened opposite my apartment so that, and my zoom video conferences , keep me social. And of course there is the RSA Fellows Forum which is pretty awesome.

I have a big project on the go that of a hub for the RSA Fellows. Can’t really show it to yet as it’s not public, oh I will but don’t tell anyone : ff.RSAFellows.org sshhh! However there is a site that I am working on the Virtual Coffeehouse an initiative again of the RSA which I created in response to the RSA opening a new coffeehouse in John Adam Street HQ.

So i think this will be a bit of a vanity site, if you want CV type stuff and about me stuff you can always go to PhilipFinlayBryan.com which is just a web page. The site I like best and perhaps the most comprehensive is The Augmented Age.

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