Yes, a two-letter domain all about your digital quotient. -  (Registered yesterday so not much on it yet) It stands for Digital Quotient (after IQ Intelligence Quotient) to categorise and formalise digital intelligence.   It will need some work, I may have to come up with a DQ test, however, it has already been done very very well by DQ World for 8 to 14-year-olds,  see for video and info.

digital intelligence - DQ

(Originally from World Economic Forum)

What I will be doing is expounding on each section and seeing how it relates to the more mature citizen. DQ is relevant across all age groups but some have more or less weight. DQ world has only targetted a small (and admittedly vulnerable group) but the rest of us chickens need to work it out too.

So I am here to help do that, as part of the digital literacy programme I already espouse.