curved monitor
curved monitor2
dual monitors

So I bought a curved monitor to replace a pixel eating huge black spot on my old second monitor, oh well it was seven years old. So it’s a TCL 23.6 inch with an 1800R curve. I bought it from China and saved €40 but I had to wait two months and buy a €20 adapter. However it is absolutely super. The curve is subtle but noticeable. And all the windows are curved too. Just enough to turn it into cinemascope¹ YAY!

Yes I am very impressed. The colours too and clarity and contrast are excellent. It has a great effect because my main monitor is flat and so I get used to that, turn to the curved and um… it’s curved!

Yes very pleased. Oh and I fixed my speakers – got real bass now.

I bought it with the government’s christmas bonus.

¹ CinemaScope is an anamorphic lens series used, from 1953 to 1967, for shooting widescreen movies. Its creation in 1953 by Spyros P. Skouras,[1] the president of 20th Century Fox, marked the beginning of the modern anamorphic format in both principal photography and movie projection.

I grew up with cinemascope.